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The Viviscal® Have a Good Hair Day Panel

In support of National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Top trichologist Trisha Buller talks about the negative impact of celebrity culture on female hair loss

Trisha Buller

Top trichologist, Trisha Buller, believes that a growing celebrity culture does little to help the common condition of female hair loss.

Women do feel the pressure to keep up with hair trends and fashions modelled by celebrities, such as hair extensions (TOWIE girls), big volume (Cheryl Cole) and repeated colouring (Katie Perry). However they are unaware of the long-term damage over-styling can do to the hair. Plus when these celebrities start to show signs of thinning themselves, they are vilified in the press with zoomed-in pictures flaunting wide partings (Nigella Lawson) visible thinning (Coleen Rooney) and bald patches (Naomi Campbell).

Trisha adds, “It hardly paints a reassuring picture for women and it results in denial, isolation and embarrassment amongst those that suffer from what is actually a common problem. So I speak to clients frankly about applying realism to copying celebrity hair styles and give them a few good pointers on how to adapt a look and make it wearable for themselves.


• Get real – celebrities have constant access to the best stylists and treatments in the business. If their hair struggles to cope with these styles, regardless of the thousands spent on it per year, how do you expect your hair to manage it?
• Veto hair extensions – hair extensions could put extra strain on hair follicles causing traction alopecia, so choose carefully when seeking advice regarding hair extensions or hair systems, done professionally and maintained by a professional can help avoid the disasters we see in the press. However Hair doesn’t have to be long to look great. Consider going for a mid-length bob instead, this season’s hottest look.
• Adapt the fashion – if you see something in a magazine or on a catwalk that you love, take a picture to your hairdresser and decide together about a good everyday alternative. The last thing you want to do is go for a style that requires extensive styling every-day. Its high maintenance and could be a costly experience.
• Don’t be afraid to accessorise – with a hat, head-band, scarf or well-placed band, you can hide hair thinning and turn a bad hair day into a good hair day. Accessories can give you so much more freedom when it comes to varying your styles, whether you wear your hair up, down, or both.
• Take the 90 day challenge – start your day with Viviscal supplements because they are scientifically proven to assist in healthier hair,(providing there are no medical or hormonal underlying issues) I also recommend the Viviscal Hair Fibres to my clients, having seen great results in a denser appearance, as they cling to the scalp and disguise any visible thin patches.

The Viviscal® Good Hair Day launched on Wednesday 14th May, and National Hair Loss Awareness Month runs throughout May. Stay tuned for further advice and tips from the final expert on the Have a Good Hair Day Panel, celebrity stylist Richard Ward.

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