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Viviscal testimonial by KathyViviscal testimonial by Kathy
Viviscal testimonial by ToniViviscal testimonial by Toni
Viviscal testimonial by Sarah Viviscal testimonial by Sarah

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Viviscal is recommended by top stylists, trichologists and nutritionists

Viviscal is proud to provide hair health and growth solutions to members of the public as well as being recommended by top stylists, trichologists, and nutritionists. 

Below are just a handful of testimonials given by haircare professionals who have tried,  tested, and loved Viviscal.


  • Karine Jackson, former president of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing and of Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty

    I absolutely love Viviscal. I recommend it to all my clients and I see how much happiness the results bring.

    Karine Jackson Former president of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing and of Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty
  • Denise McAdam, leading hairdresser

    Viviscal is a vital part of my kit bag. It helps my clients maintain healthy hair and is particularly good for menopausal women.

    Denise McAdam RVMLeading hairdresser
  • Errol Douglas MBE

    I’ve always been a huge supporter of Viviscal supplements and it’s great to see my clients achieve the thicker looking hair of their dreams.

    Errol Douglas MBE of Errol Douglas
  • Trisha Buller MIT SRSH, Senior Consultant Trichologist, Cienté Hair & Health Spa

    I really believe in Viviscal. The proof of its effectiveness is plain to see.

    Trisha Buller MIT SRSHSenior Consultant Trichologist, Cienté Hair & Health Spa
  • Angela Dowden, UK Nutritionist

    The perfect diet is difficult to achieve, so supplementing with Viviscal - which combines bitotin and zinc with targeted complex marine protein, AminoMar C™ is useful.

    Angela Dowden UK Nutritionist
  • Dr Doris Day, leading US Dermatologist

    I’m always looking for clinical data and science behind the product, and there are treatments I recommend. Viviscal is great…and I’m very satisfied with the data and with the difference I see

    Dr Doris DayLeading US Dermatologist

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