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How to take a hair selfie

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How to take a Hair Selfie


1. Stand against a white background or with natural light behind you

2. Take your a photo looking straight into the camera

3. Next tilt your head down to take the crown (front & top) of your head

4. Then take a photo of your left and/or right temples

5. To get a photo of the back/crown of your head, stand with your back to the mirror and take the photo over your shoulder of the image in the mirror (turn off flash).

Alternatively, you could ask a friend to take these photos for you.


  • Ensure you take all the photos in the same position each time
  • Photo must be high resolution ie take at the highest setting on your phone or camera. A good rule of thumb is that the photo size is at least 2MB ( you can see this when you right click and check the properties on your computer).
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