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Viviscal Maximum Strength - 6 month programme of supplements

Hair Growth Programme Viviscal Maximum Strength - 6 month programme of supplements
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Hair Growth Programme

  • Voted ‘Best Hair Supplement’ in the 2013 Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100
  • Full money back guarantee* (terms & conditions below)
  • Only Viviscal contains Zinc, Biotin and AminoMar C™, our ground-breaking proprietary marine protein complex

Viviscal Maximum Strength

At Viviscal we understand hair. Statistics show that a whole range of factors, including stress, post-pregnancy, menopause, overstyling, poor nutrition, hereditary, age can impact on the health of the hair and hair growth with one in three women experiencing the distress this can cause at some stage in their lives.

Viviscal® Maximum Strength supplements are for women who want to maintain normal healthy hair growth.

Viviscal® supplements are scientifically formulated with the important nutrients Biotin and Zinc, which help maintain normal healthy hair growth from within and the proprietary marine protein complex AminoMar C™.

Only Viviscal® supplements contain AminoMar C™.

Viviscal supplements also contain Vitamin C, Niacin, Iron, and Millet Seed.

As described in the Healthy Hair Growth Cycle hair can be in a different growth stage of the cycle. Over time, the length of the Anagen stage decreases, therefore the hair may become weaker and thinner after each cycle. This is why it’s important to ensure your diet is rich in specific nutrients throughout your life.


*Money Back Guarantee

For over 20 years we have been developing our expertise in understanding hair growth and we’re very confident that Viviscal can make a real difference to your hair. So much so that, if you are not happy after trying Viviscal for 6 months, simply return your empty boxes and proof of purchase to us for a full refund.

This money back guarantee only applies:

  • • When a minimum of 6 month’s supply of Viviscal Maximum Strength Woman or Viviscal Man are purchased directly from Lifes2good
  • • On the 1st 6 months of the Viviscal course
  • • If the supplements are taken on a daily basis, as per the instructions on each pack
  • • If we are contacted within 6 weeks of the 6 month course of supplements being completed
  • • If no previous claims have been made i.e. each customer may only benefit from the money back guarantee once throughout their lifetime of ordering from Lifes2good

In order to submit a request for the money back guarantee, you must:

  • • Call our contact centre and speak to one of our Viviscal Hair Care Advisors on 0845 399 0022. You will then be advised what the next steps are.
  • • This may include writing a letter to us outlining the issue.  If advised to do so, the letter should be returned to Lifes2good accompanied with both the empty supplement boxes for the full 6 month supply that was purchased AND a receipt/proof of purchase

If the application is successful, our contact centre will then contact you regarding the refund.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Recommended daily intake:

Take 2 tablets daily for a minimum of 3-6 months (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening taken with water after food). Thereafter, to maintain healthy hair growth take 1-2 tablets daily as required.

Viviscal tablets are easy to swallow.

We recommend using Gentle Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner in conjunction with Viviscal Maximum Strength supplements.

Use of your Viviscal Hairbrush Pill Pot

Please ensure you do not store your Viviscal supplements in the pill pot for an extended period of time as oxidation may occur and cause discolouration of the tablets. Only remove tablets from packaging and store in pill pot for a few days before consumption. Dispose of any tablets which have been affected by oxidisation and have lost significant colour.

Size & Ingredients

Size & Ingredients

Ingredients: Marine Protein Complex* (AminoMar C™), Bulking Agents (Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cross-linked Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Maltodextrin, Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense L.) Extract, Iron Fumarate, Glazing Agents (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Glycerol), Anti-Caking Agents (Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate), Zinc Oxide, Niacin (as Nicotinamide [Vitamin B3]), Acerola (Malphigia Glabra L.) Fruit Powder, Millet Seed Extract, Silicon Dioxide, Orange Flavouring, Modified Starch, D-Biotin.* from fish/shellfish.

Allergy advice: Contains fish and shellfish, not recommended for those allergic to fish, shellfish or seafood.



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Viviscal Maximum Strength 360 hair growth supplements are a 6 month supply. Clinically proven they contain Zinc, Biotin, Niacin AminoMar C.
Manufactured by: Lifes2good
Viviscal Maximum Strength - 6 month programme of supplements
At Viviscal, we understand hair and have been researching hair loss for over 25 years. Viviscal supplements contain our marine protein complex AminoMar C™, plus Biotin and Zinc, which specifically nourish hair follicles to help maintain healthy hair from within, as proven in clinical trials.
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