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Errol Douglas Viviscal expert

“ To help clients that are suffering from hair thinning, I have been looking for a scientifically proven product. That is why I am a great supporter & believer of Viviscal supplements as they help my customers develop thicker, fuller, healthier hair. ”

Errol Douglas, President of Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

Trisha Buller Viviscal expert

“ Our hair is a barometer of our inner health. Nutrition, minerals and vitamins play an important role in maintaining healthy hair growth, therefore a balanced diet is essential. When we’re under stress or have experienced ill health, it will have an adverse effect on our hair. I am seeing more and more people complaining of fine, weak, limp hair lacking in shine and lustre. Biotin and Zinc are key for healthy hair. Supplements such as Viviscal include these, as well as other key ingredients crucial for healthy hair. ”

Trisha Buller, Leading Trichologist, clinic and salon owner, UK.

Mark O’Keeffe Viviscal expert

“ This is a brilliant product, which I tried and gave to clients too. I instantly noticed my hair was not shedding as much, and after a few weeks felt stronger and suppler. One client was crying, she was so happy with the results. You need to commit to three months for optimum results. ”

Mark O’Keeffe, Director of Brown Sugar Hair Salons, Ireland.

Eli Mancha Viviscal expert

“ Most people think that if you have thin hair, you should not take weight off the ends of the hair. But in reality, the enemy of volume is weight; you must remove the weight from the ends to create more volume. However, there are different types of texture. I would choose to use a tool or technique that creates chunky texture, rather than a softer more blended texture. Thin hair has a hard time showing off texture, so you won’t have to worry about it looking chunky, but the shorter/chunky pieces give more support for the longer lengths of your shape. ”

Eli Mancha, Artistic Director for Lock and Loaded’s Design Team, US.

Mark Leeson Viviscal expert


Tips for thinning hair from Mark Leeson, 2014 Hairdresser of the Year.

+ Going for a fringe can transform your look. A full, heavy fringe is bang on trend and can do wonders to hide forehead wrinkles and has a girly, youthful appeal. Wispy fringes on the other hand can be very ageing and can bring the attention to the wrinkles more. So if your hair is very fine, I would opt for a side-swept version with a little movement.

This may sound predictable, but regular trims really do keep your hair in tip-top condition and make it look thick, bouncy and healthy. Even if you are growing your hair, if it is thinning you should still keep the ends nice and neat and get rid of those split ends.

When possible, if your hair is thinning let it dry naturally. Hair has a lot of exposure to artificial heat over winter, so the less heat you apply, the better! Heat protection sprays are a must to use not just with irons, but with hairdryers and curlers too.

If you do use a hairdryer, then dry small sections at a time and use a medium heat as opposed to the hottest setting. The same applies with irons and tongs – if you do have the option of heat settings on your electrical tools, then go for the lowest setting you need.

Ask your colourist about the hair colour they use on you, and opt for the least damaging. Using bleach on the hair will of course damage it more than using a high-lift tint, and if you’re currently having permanent colour but don’t have grey hair – then maybe you could get away with a semi-permanent which will be more conditioning.

Don’t go for an all-over block dark colour as this will make the hair look more translucent and thin. Soft strategically placed colour is much more effective.

Try backcombing to give the illusion of having more hair. It is amazing what a decent backcombing brush can achieve. Lift the upper sections of your hair and backcomb the underneath sections, then simply smooth the top layer of hair over the top to camouflage the backcombing.

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At Viviscal, we understand hair and have been researching hair loss for over 25 years. Viviscal supplements contain our marine protein complex AminoMar C™, plus Biotin and Zinc, which specifically nourish hair follicles to help maintain healthy hair from within, as proven in clinical trials.
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