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The Viviscal® Have a Good Hair Day Panel

In support of National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Celebrity and Royal Hairdresser Richard Ward gives his tips to achieving a Good Hair Day

Richard Ward

With as many as 1 in 5 women attributing hair loss to over-styling, damaged and thinning hair is a condition that top stylist, Richard Ward, advises on regularly. “Many women are initially unaware of the damage they can do to their hair through the over-use of styling aids and tools, but shockingly when they do realise, 1 in 6 still refuse to stop. I make sure that I equip all of my clients with tips and advice on styling naturally and effectively, so that they feel comfortable in achieving a great look with minimal styling.”*

I also make sure they undertake these simple steps, because there are many factors that contribute to hair health,” adds Richard. “I tell them to start at the beginning, by looking at their diet and lifestyle and then I suggest some really easy tips that will have a massive difference if they apply them to their overall hair routine.

Please note - results may vary from individual to individual and depend on several factors

• Take the 90 day challenge – start your day with Viviscal® supplements because they are scientifically proven to help make hair thicker, fuller and healthier.
• Eat well – it’s easy to overlook this step, as many people don’t associate hair health with diet, but if you’re not getting the vitamins and minerals you need, your hair won’t be either. If you want your hair to be thick, shiny and healthy, make sure you have a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables, nuts, brown rice, beans and pulses. And make sure you drink plenty of water too.
• Know your hair – you should look after your hair as you do your skin and develop a routine of care that is based on your particular hair type. Do you have an oily or dry scalp, is your hair coloured or natural, is it frizzy or flat? Then invest in the products that are right for you and you will notice the benefit.
• Do a daily a massage - massaging your scalp for just a few minutes each day will stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells, helping to keep your hair healthy at its root and prevent conditions like dandruff., as well as increasingly blood supply to stimulate healthy hair growth.
• Weather protect – even during the winter, the drying effects of the climate (drizzly, wet weather and central heating) can fade colour and dehydrate hair. Use products that contain element protection and cover up with a hat or scarf to minimise the effect on hair and scalp. Moving between hot and cold temperatures, especially in winter, can take its toll on your hair, so be prepared to up your conditioning regime if you experience increased brittleness, dryness and frizz, or adjust product placement and condition mid-lengths and ends if your roots are prone to oiliness.
• Keep it trim - however long your hair, you should trim it regularly to keep split ends under control and to improve your overall hair health. Make sure you visit your hairdresser every six to eight weeks for professional maintenance

The Viviscal® Good Hair Day took place on Wednesday 14th May and National Hair Loss Awareness Month runs throughout May.  

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* Viviscal polled 4,000 women across the UK with OnePoll in February 2010

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