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Patricia Bruckland, 52, Kent

Patricia Bruckland Before and After photos

The best it has looked for years

I remember being out with my mother when I was in my early teens and looking at the back of her hair and was mortified to see she had a bald patch. For some reason or other I was really embarrassed, not for her but for me! I remember quickly pulling the hair over so no one else would see it. She was also quite thin at the front also.

Time went on and I eventually married and went on to have a family of my own. I have to say, that I always notice if a woman has 'the bald patch' but never thought that I had!

I will never forget the day when I was out with my daughter and I felt 'THE HAND' on the back of my hair - rearranging my own hair! Oh my god, I was just as mortified as I was all those years ago. I went straight back home and examined my hair. To my distress I noticed that my hair was thinning at the front and that I had the dreaded bald patch (for all to see) - just as my mothers had! This began the bane of my life forever trying to arrange my hair with clips and all sorts to cover the back. Over the next few years I didn’t do anything apart from this and just accepted it as 'my lot'. My husband however, used to constantly re-arrange my hair at the back so I never forgot about the problem completely.

At this time I was in my early fifties and so many people told me I was so much like my mother (something I am quite proud of I have to say) but when my closest friend looked at me and said she thought I WAS my mother I knew I had to take action (Mum is now in her late 80's!) My friend says it was because my hair was like hers that she thought I was my Mum (so who needs best friends like this??).

I resorted to wearing a wig for special nights out, but found this hot and itchy. For a while I took an 'off the shelf' hair nail and skin' supplement. Apart from making my nails a little stronger they did not have much effect.

However, now I am taking Viviscal I cannot believe how much my hair has improved. I have taken it for about 6 months and my hair is so much better. There is new hair growing at the front but the best bit is that I now do not have a 'bald' patch and the overall condition of my hair is fantastic. The best it has looked for years. I am hoping that after six months that it will be back to how it was in my thirties.

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Before & After pictures

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