“I’ve been on the Viviscal Hair Growth and Care Programme for four months and my hair already feels thicker and fuller.”

Shobna Gulati, actress

Shobna Gulati, star of TV & stage, is leading National Hair Loss Awareness Month Sponsored by Viviscal Hair Growth & Care.

Shobna Gulati uses Viviscal


Shobna talk's about how Viviscal has made a difference to her.   Shobna discusses healthy hair growth with Lorraine on ITV


In May, Viviscal® launched the first ever Good Hair Day with the help of celebrity ambassador, Shobna Gulati. The day (Wednesday 14th May 2014) was the highlight of this year’s National Hair Loss Awareness Month and was designed to help every woman celebrate what it means to have a Good Hair Day, something that Viviscal® believes everyone deserves.


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Shobna's success with Viviscal

Shobna Gulati, 48, is a British actress best known for her role as ‘Sunita’ in popular soap opera Coronation Street and ‘Anita’ in Victoria Wood's Dinnerladies. Despite spending her life in front of the cameras, viewers may not know that there is one aspect of Shobna’s life that she hasn’t always been keen to draw attention to – her hair.

Shobna first began to notice changes in her own hair when she moved out of the family home and had to cook for herself. A poor diet meant that her hair wasn’t receiving the nutrients that it needed and her hair quickly began to lose its shine and shape. In an effort to disguise this, Shobna started colouring and styling her tresses but this only made matters worse. Over the years, a poor diet, pregnancy, the stress of life lived in front of the camera, and excessive use of hair extensions to conceal hair damage all put further strain on Shobna’s once beautiful locks.

Last year was a particularly stressful period for Shobna, and her hair, as producers unexpectedly brought her planned exit from Coronation Street forward by six months. Shobna was finally prompted to give her lacklustre hair the attention that it craved by introducing the Viviscal Hair Growth and Hair Care Programme into her daily hair care regime.

In discussing her fine, flat hair Shobna says: “It was the increased stress and the combination of not being happy and not eating properly. I’m in the spotlight for my job and of course the more you try and hide it with styling, the worse the damage to your hair and the thinner it becomes”.

I’ve been on the Viviscal Hair Care and Growth Programme for four months and my hair already feels fuller and thicker. The first thing I actually noticed was an improvement in my nails – they stopped cracking and were stronger after just a couple of weeks. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my skin, as my complexion is brighter. But most importantly my hair feels healthier and looks shinier already. Finally, I love Viviscal Volumising hair Fibres which act as an interim cover up and thickening solution and the results always make feel more confident about myself whilst the Viviscal Hair Growth and Hair Care programme are giving me that long term solution”.



National Good Hair Day

National Good Hair Day Logo

Viviscal® first introduced Hair Loss Awareness Month in 2008, with the aim of de-stigmatising the issue of female hair loss and supporting women in the knowledge that they are not alone – over three quarters of women (76%) will suffer from hair shedding, or thinning at some stage of their lives, with stress, ageing, dieting, post birth and over-styling being the main causes*.

The Viviscal® Hair Growth and Hair Care Programme is a combination of products that nourish your hair inside and out. The Viviscal® supplements include scientifically proven ingredients Biotin and Zinc along with the marine protein complex AminoMarC™ which is exclusive to Viviscal®. The range also includes the Viviscal® Gentle Shampoo & Moisturising Conditioner, Volumising Hair Fibres and a brand new Hair and Scalp Serum.

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Viviscal®. The secret to a Good Hair Day.

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* Figures obtained from the Viviscal Hair Confessions Survey conducted globally between September and November 2013 with 6,759 participants

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At Viviscal, we understand hair and have been researching hair loss for over 25 years. Viviscal supplements contain our marine protein complex AminoMar C™, plus Biotin and Zinc, which specifically nourish hair follicles to help maintain healthy hair from within, as proven in clinical trials.
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