Angela Dowden
"I first experienced this devastating problem after I had my twins and then again as I hit the menopause. Experiencing thinning hair is a real shock for any woman and one that is hard to accept. When you start to find a lot of hair on your pillow or in the shower tray it’s terrible absolutely soul destroying. You don’t want to be seen or face the world. You feel all alone – like the only woman on the planet with this problem. And you don’t know what to do."

"My confidence was knocked. I didn’t even want to talk to my husband about it and I got paranoid that people could see why I’d done my hair differently. I just didn’t want to be seen – whether going on stage, picking the kids up from school or even going to the supermarket. But then a friend told me to try a natural food supplement formula and explained how it could provide my system with what it needed to reduce my thinning hair and support the natural growth – without having to resort to drugs. After just four months taking two of the supplements a day, I could see and feel the difference."
Cheryl Baker Bucks Fizz Star and TV Presenter

“I started taking it only six months ago and my hair feels so much fuller,” says Pearl, who is the mother of model Daisy Lowe, 24."

"When Pearl wasn't happy with the health of her hair she tested many products before finding Viviscal, which she uses every day. Pearl notes 'since discovering Viviscal my hair is so much healthier and I am much more confident about my hair".

Pearl supported Hair Loss Awareness Month, sponsored by Viviscal, a national campaign to raise the awareness of hair loss and thinning and resources available to help.
Pearl Lowe Model and Designer

Martino Cartier

‘Nobody likes to see themselves on TV. I was in front of 10 million people nationally on Dancing on Ice and all I could see were my bald patches which I hated. The next week my hair stylist recommended I try the volumising hair fibres and it was as if I had a full head of hair! I’m not embarrassed about it – for me it’s one of the best things I’ve ever discovered. I am paranoid about looking bald and this really helps me to feel more confident. It’s very quick and easy to use and I can go out without having to worry that people are talking about my hair loss…I’m a massive supporter of Viviscal’
Kyran Bracken Former England rugby star and winner of TV’s ‘Dancing on Ice’

Angela Dowden
“It was embarrassing and made me panic. I finally decided to do something about it after I got married last year and had to resort to wearing extensions in my hair. I started to look online for solutions and came across Viviscal, a natural food supplement that feeds the hair follicles from within. You basically take one tablet in the morning and one in the evening and even after a few months I started to notice a difference in the quality of my hair.”
Maureen Nolan Singer and actress

Julia Carter
“My hair is terrifyingly important to me. I have wasted so many hours of so many days fretting about my hair. It has taken years out of my life, when I could have been doing something fun or productive. But if my hair looks ghastly, I feel bad – and there’s no escaping that! I first noticed a change in my hair when I became pregnant in 1984. At first I was thrilled when my hair seemed to get thicker and shinier by the day. I know that you hold onto your hair during pregnancy and then all the hair that should have fallen out over the nine months suddenly does so after birth, but I didn’t expect so much to fall out and I was extremely unhappy at the time. The same thing happened after my second child was born but it wasn’t as alarming, so you can imagine my horror several years later when my hair started to spill out of my head again."

"I am so excited to of found Viviscal that I honestly want to share it with as many people as possible. I finally feel good about my hair.”
Sue Holderness Actress best known as Marlene in Only Fools and Horses
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